Glob — Biz Associates was started informally in the end of 1960s. A 10 years old orphan child started to collect coins from his Eidi and wedding receptions. He succeeded in collecting seven rupees. With those seven rupees he started a shop. The shop flourished day by day. Its value increased several hundred rupees. That brilliant orphan kid studied Engineering, law and politics. He started to enjoy a settled life as a respectable middle class citizen.
Then, he shifted from Rawalpindi to Lahore. Now, this boy stepped in to the practical life while crossing through plinths of education. Afterwards, people recognized him by the name of Makhdoom Tanveer Qureshi.
In the end of 2015 century, Tanveer Qureshi started to trade in International market along with his friend M. Hanif Mustafavi. After some days one of their friend Tanveer Ahmed Khan also joined them by investing into the project.
After some time they suffered a loss in International Market. At that stage Mr. Hanif Mustafvi & Mr. Tanveer Khan pulled out their remaining amount from international market. They invested in a local market. In spite of heavy loss, Tanveer Qureshi showed determination and continued with the International Market.
After one year Mr. Qureshi not only recovered his loss but also earned huge profit. That proved his experience, skill, ability as well as understanding of the real estate business. This established his worth in the real estate market of Pakistan.
At that moment, he called his friends Hanif Mustafvi and Tanveer Khan. He gave them proposal of making new company. He said that we were together during loss but now good time had arrived. We would be together in good times also.
Both of the friends accepted that invitation with Love. At the moment their forth friend Zakir Hussain, who was doing his separate business also joined them. On 1 November, 2001 under the leadership of Makhdoom Tanveer Qureshi they started a small firm by the name of GBA. The 28-Model Town Lahore office consisted of two rooms only.
A partnership deed was written. According to that deed, Makhdoom Tanveer Qureshi was its Chief Executive and the other three were directors of GBA. After some time business expanded and office could not meet the requirements of ever growing business. GBA office was shifted to a beautiful plaza in a busy commercial area of Lahore.
After some time they started to convert GBA into a private firm. They could not get copy rights for GBA. Hence, they decided to get a name that could be abbreviated as GBA. Finally, it was named Glob-Biz Associates (Pvt.) Ltd. By the end of 2002 Glob-Biz Associates was not a company but a group of companies.
Within next 2-3 years, nine more companies came under the flag of Glob-Biz Associates. They are now enjoying business in international Market. From TV productions to exports, marketing, construction properties, Hi-Tech and Soft Tech etc.