PM's official visit to China- New outlooks for Gwadar and BRI

Ploy for the economical corridor is advancing as the Prime Minister is heading China for the 2nd Belt and Road Initiative BRI Beijing from 25th April to 28th April 2019 which is  a prodigious initiative in the contemporary history of world politics.

The Gwadar Port has a thriving future in coming Years. After Completion and becoming totally functional Gwadar Port will emerge as a major business economic hub in the whole world.


China celebrates the fifth anniversary of its Belt and Road Initiative, Gwadar is visible as a “first concern zone” in the Chinese scheme, and shows its economical importance.

  Globbiz Avenue is the platform where your business flourish and swift along with the revolutionizing world.


  • 2019-04-26
  • Cpec Info
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