Together, Pakistan and China are entering the next phase of CPEC,with greater emphasis on socioeconomic uplift


The involvement of the leaders of two nuclear power states clarifies the important role of BRI and Pakistan infrastructure in the whole world economical advancement .

Congealed basis for the proliferation of the development in Gwadar has been laid and described by the Prime Minister himself as PM  Imran Khan forged BRI  his pivotal concern in the addressing  ceremony of the second Belt and Road Forum in Beijing on Friday . In his gist he ploted 5 main points for the affluence of the region and sustained growth

·        Plantation of 10 billion trees in next 2 years by all BRI partners

·        BRI Tourism Corridor

·        Cooperation on anti-corruption (establish an office)

·        Poverty alleviation fund

·        "The presence of so many world leaders today is proof that we choose hope over despair and cooperation over confrontation. 122 states and 49 international organisations have signed onto the BRI's vision and this is a historic and monumental development," he explained the importance of BRI and respectively prove the direct link of the whole world economical progress in the development of Gwadar and this is why these countries are focusing on Gwadar.  


In a world of geopolitical uncertainty, of rising inequality and barriers to trade, the BRI offers a model of    collaboration, partnership, connectivity and shared prosperity.

Chinese President Xi Jinping also addressed that Beijing would negotiate and sign high-standard Free Trade which makes Gwadar a hot spot for the traders and investors and shows the significance of Gwadar as a center point in the economical perspectives of today’s world politics. Beijing will host a Belt and Road summit next week which 37 foreign leaders will attend.

Globbiz Avenue is the pioneer manifesto in Gwadar to provide our citizens to be a part of such a golden future in multilateralism and in unbolted world economy.




  • 2019-05-02
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