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GlobBiz Avenue phase IV is situated right in the heart of Gwadar which is a vibrant regional economic hub and is the jewel of CPEC. Phase 4 features the most sought-after commercial area that spans over 40 kilometers long Balochistan Broadway. This area is far more larger and valuable than the commercial area of many other societies on this road. Considering the central position of Phase IV, and its proximity to Central Business District, it will soon be the main hub of international trade of Gwadar and will be the most lucrative place for the offices, showrooms, warehouses of various national, and multinational commercial and business concerns, corporations, banks, five star hotels, multinational food chains, and mega grocery stores for the people dwelling in the society. Balochistan Broadway runs just in the middle of the city connecting industrial area with the residential one, and features a very high commercial value. The expansive commercial area of GlobBiz Avenue Phase IV lies on this 300 feet high-valued road, situated right in the center of Residential Area on the Master Plan. While two other main roads of Gwadar, Padi Zer Boulevard and Marine Drive, running on the south border of GlobBiz Avenue, have a width of 300 feet each and are parallel with West Bay Sea line, which will be the most precious and beautiful Commercial Zone of Gwadar City.

  • GDA approved & NOC allotted society.
  • Dissected by Balochistan Broadway (700 meter)
  • Flexible installment schedule
  • Balochistan Broadway crosses the society.
  • 169 Acres High Valued residential and commercial plots