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All basic ingredients have been provided in the Grand City for a decent living. They are matchless not only with the city but also, the whole region. Grand City represents the dream of a beautiful city that has attractive shopping areas, health center, educational institutes of international standards, eye-catching green belts and wide greenish parks. This dream is about to come true very soon.
Facilities like community center, party halls, restaurants, gymnasiums, sports and recreational places are important for the Grand City community to create opportunities for mutual interaction. Grand City has other important facilities also. It has water supply, electricity, gas, telephone, modern sewerage and drainage system. Waste management has particularly been worked out in the City. If one combines all above mentioned qualities coupled with international planning, attractive construction style and extraordinary standard of living, it becomes Grand City.

Precious Location

Given its location, the Grand City is a housing society of extraordinary importance. It is situated at the juncture of Kharian and Sarai Alamgir. On the main GT Road, this beautiful residential project links both these important cities. In addition to Kharian and Sarai Alamgir, Grand City is a project of extraordinary attraction and location for areas such as LalaMausa, Jehlum, Bhimber, and Mandi Bahauddin. Located in the middle of Lahore and Islamabad on the GT Road, this grand residential project offers easy and fastest connectivity and transportation to all parts of the country. Owing to its location in the galaxy of state of the art hotels and shopping malls, the attraction and strategic importance of the Grand City increases manifold.

Peace & Security

Economic inequality, unemployment and extremism have paved the way for lawlessness and severe law and order problem in the country. Security is the top most issue and a matter of concern for everyone today. Gujrat District, Mirpur, Jehlum and its suburbs often fall victim to incidents of theft, robbery and kidnapping. Unfortunately, there is not even a single housing project in the entire area, which has fool proof security for people’s lives and property. Security is a defining feature of the Grand City. A strong security wall would be constructed around the City, which would further be equipped with modern security tools. There would be one main entrance into the City where strict surveillance system would be put in place. Security cameras would be installed in important locations and the entire mechanism would be worked out on modern lines. The security personnel would be put through modern training and then deputed at different locations.

Wide Carpeted Roads

All urban and rural areas linked to GT Road are having mushroom growth without any planning with the passage of time. As there is acute lack of planning in other areas, the same is the case with the building of roads in the expensive areas and settlements as well. That is why these areas suffer from numerous problems of transportation.
Firstly, there is no proper network of roads. Secondly dingy and zigzag approaches have hurt the beauty of entire area. The roads are too narrow to drive a car. For the first time, a network of wide and open roads is being laid with state of the art planning. Roads spanning between 100 feet and 30 feet are under construction. The standard of construction is as per international standards.

Parks and Green Belts

In order to provide greenish, recreational and healthy environment, the biggest park of the area is under construction. This park, besides providing sports, recreational and health facilities to the residents, would also add to the beauty of the area. There is also plan to build more and more parks for provision of good life in the Grand City.

Ultimate living Environment

Man does not merely buy a residential place in any area but also the environment around it. While buying residential places, we do not care much about the surroundings as we do in case of price and size of the land. It is a fact that environment and surroundings play the most important role in the growth of human beings. Neat and clean surroundings create more positive effects on mental, physical and spiritual health of Grand City Residents. When we buy a residential plot in any area, we buy a complete package in the form of its surroundings. Grand City is not only a residential area but also an attractive package of higher living standards. The most important feature of the Grand City is the controlled environment, which render balance and beauty to life. All those negative factors, which vitiate the environment have been taken care of here. Facilities such as community centre, party halls, restaurants, gymnasiums, sports, recreational places, parks filled with trees, lush green belts make Grand City the most luxurious echo friendly housing society in the whole area.

Secure & Rewarding Investment

Not only in Pakistan but also in the entire world, people invest their savings in the property business. But every property does not offer extraordinary and immediate profit. There can be no better investment destination than the Grand City not only in but also out of Pakistan. Whether investment is intended for short-term or long-term, Grand City is certainly the most secure and rewarding option.


The vision of Grand City is to achieve the highest standards of the real estate world and bring real estate luxurious innovations into the lives of the people.


Grand City Kharian aims to provide the highest quality of service to successfully meet the goals & objectives of the common man and provide a living standard. Not just building homes, Grand City is a completely developed city which includes every necessity for a person on earth.

The pioneering action came after the realization that the old cities like Kharian, Gujrat, Lala Musa, Lahore etc have been discarded, sewerage, electricity problems are the common issues. Overseas Pakistani’s when coming to Pakistan fail to adjust in such a failing environment.

Grand City aspires to be Pakistan’s greatest builder with projects like Schools, Hospitals, Shopping malls, Cinema, Banks, Zoo etc, people will get a secure and a healthy environment.

Besides the overseas interest, Grand City is also a source of national interest. If the real estate industry grows the whole nation grows, revenue generation will undoubtedly increase the economy of the country. Another effective approach of Grand City is to provide investment opportunities for people. Since people have money but they have no business ideas. Grand City is committed to providing sustainable job opportunities for youth to build the future!