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  • Adjacent to CBD

  • GDA Approved

  • NOC Allotted

  • Near Balochistan Sectriate

  • Near Sports Complex

  • On Marine Drive

  • A Dream Land To Live

  • Dual Facing Balochistan Broadway

  • High-rise Commercialized Area Zone

Ongoing Projects

Gwadar is going to be a business hub for three continents due to its geographical location. Gwadar port is the largest port in south Asia and Middle East. It can anchor upto 400 ships. It is the shortest sea way to china from Middle East and Africa. Keeping in view its economic and geopolitical importance, china has poured billions of dollars to link Gwadar City with major Chinese cities.

Just in the heart of Master Plan GlobBiz Avenue occupies the most precious residential, commercial and recreational land stretching over three main roads of Gwadar City, naming Marine Drive, Padi Zer Boulevard and Balochistan Broadway on the Gwadar West Bay.Balochistan Broad way runs just in the middle of the city connecting Industrial Area with Residential Area, and owns very high commercial value. GlobBiz Avenue Phase IV lies on this high valued road, with its highly precious vast commercial area, in the center of Residential Area on the Master Plan.

Gwadar is not mere a big Port City with hustle and bustle of gigantic cargo ships, moving cranes and lined up heavy road vehicles in its yards. Beyond that Gwadar has all the colours of life and beauties of the nature, which brand it one of the most beautiful beach cities of the world.Our highly professional architects and horticulturists at GlobBiz Avenue are keen to make it more and more beautiful place in the region and they are striving to change its sea-breeze area into a beautiful delight in South Asia.

GlobBiz Avenue occupies the central position in the Master Plan of Gwadar City, and holds a big share of the commercial land than any other Society in Gwadar. GlobBiz Avenue Phase IV has a large commercial area in the center of the 300 feet wide Balochistan Broadway that runs just in the middle of the City, similarly GlobBiz Avenue on its southern sea-front area apart from Tourists Beach Resort holds a portion of Marine Drive and Padi Zer Boulevard with their high-rise commercial area.